That is the title of my serial web documentary. It's about this chaotic moment in human history where many of us, or at least some of us, are choosing not to put blinders on but instead investigate how to adapt so that, to put it bluntly, our species won't destroy the life-sustaining climate of our planet and ourselves in the process.

The show follows the activities of people who have varying ways of answering the question of what's the best way to be a human, all expressed through their craft, their mission, their heart, or their relationship with the land. This could be about homesteading and food—immediate relationships with the land, but also it can be about states of mind that are a part of this relationship—how we think of ourselves as residents of our home planet.

The show will have twelve episodes in a year, hopefully released monthly (there is a back log right now while I launch this). Each episode is about the month they were filmed in. The episodes will be broken down into "acts" where you get a piece of someone's story. The subjects will be visited throughout the year, making this what I think of as a "live documentary". The stories are unfolding as I'm bringing them to you.